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We aim to be the leading school wear suppliers in Zimbabwe, providing high quality clothing at affordable prices.
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About Us

The WearHouse / About Us
Consistent but dynamic

Being reliable and providing valid data and information but being able to see and create opportunities.

Hard working

We deliver to or above the benchmark and performance standard.

Honest, but shrewd

Being truthful in all our endeavours, honest and forthright with one another and with our customers, suppliers, and shareholders but not naïve to our approach.

Efficient, yet still paying attention to detail

Delivering what we have promised but not cutting corners to do so.

Welcome to The Wearhouse.

A leading supplier of quality school uniforms for primary and secondary school in Zimbabwe. We are proud to offer top-quality merchandise coupled with the best customer service in the industry. Our mission is to create school wear customers who are so satisfied with the range, quality, service and value that they will choose The Wearhouse brands as their first preference and will recommend them to others. 

Our Vision

To be the number one choice for high quality school wear and sportswear in the country.

Our Mission.

Committed to quality in everything we do, from the materials and overall resources we use, to the way we interact with our customers and partners. To maintain a forefront company image producing excellent products and services that accommodate the fundamental needs of our target segment. To exceed customer expectations and be relentless in our efforts to achieve refined quality products. To invest in the improvement of customer experience in the shopping environment. To spearhead buying and selling strategies that improve the commercial sector’s systems of trade.

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